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Fintech Maps : Landscape across verticals and Regions

DATE: September 2023

Throughout the various thematic Fintech reports, we have produced several landscape overviews and maps per vertical or per region. In this publication we have aggregated all these maps for your easier access.

Focusing on privately-owned growth stage companies, we've meticulously curated an overview of the Fintech universe, spanning across verticals and regions. Our maps are dynamic as you can click on the presented company logos to visit directly their websites, if you want to learn more about their offering.

Indicative Exhibits

Core banking and BaaS- Fintech landscape by subverticals
Insurtech Infrastructure- Fintech selected companies, Royal Park Partners, rpp
WealthTech landscape, Fintech at royal park partners
Core banking and BaaS- Fintech global landscape
Capital Markets landscape-Fintech at royalparkpartners
ESG Fintech Map- Fintech at Royal park partners, rpp
African Fintech companies, royalparkpartners, rpp
Italian Fintech Landscape- Selected emerging leaders, Royal park partners, rpp
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