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Royal Park Partners advises BUX on it's latest funding round, raising over €68 Million

BUX, one of Europe’s leading neobrokers, has raised over €68m in funding.

Overview of the transaction

The round was led by Tencent, with further participation from ABN AMRO Ventures, Citius, Endeit Capital and Optiver. Existing investors HV Capital, Kreos Capital and Velocity Capital also contributed to the round.

Founder and CEO Nick Bortot will become a member of the non-executive board and hand over the helm of the company to its current COO, Yorick Naeff.

The fundraise will support BUX in the growth and ongoing international rollout of BUX Zero, the company’s flagship zero commission investing app.


Overview of BUX

Founded in 2013 by Nick Bortot and headquartered in Amsterdam, BUX has been instrumental in revolutionising retail investment and brokerage, providing customers with low-cost and mobile-first products.

BUX has established itself as a market leader in the neobrokerage space with over half a million customers and having rolled out BUX Zero to five countries in its first year.

BUX Zero is making commission-free investing accessible, intuitive, and affordable for both first time and established investors allowing them to invest in a large suite of shares and ETFs.

Having built the entire stack from the ground up, it has given BUX an unrivalled ability to scale across borders, unlock new revenue streams and optimise execution costs. The team has extensive experience in this space, having previously built and launched its derivatives trading app, BUX X, across 9 European countries.


Royal Park Partners' role

Royal Park Partners acted as exclusive financial and strategic advisor to BUX and its shareholders throughout the transaction. This transaction highlights Royal Park Partners’ unrivalled experience in the trading tech and neo-banking/broking space, and history of assisting with the creation of meaningful returns for our Fintech clients and investors.


Yorick Naeff


“Younger generations in Europe now realise that investing is one of the few viable ways left to create a stable financial future. With this new funding round, BUX will continue to spearhead innovation by implementing advanced features to further shape the future of how Europeans invest. We are extremely grateful to have top tier investors like Prosus Ventures and Tencent on board to support us in our mission”.



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